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A Second Stop Shop for Books

We are a small family business located in Dayton, Ohio.  Our goal is to be a second stop shop for books and other media.  There is a large market for used media all over the world, and we aim to save as much orphan media as possible from being destroyed.

We sell books through various online marketplaces like and to give used media a second home.  We also work with local literacy advocacy groups and other charitable organizations to give back to our community and the world.  We hope that you can help us, help your wallet, and help our world.

Thanks for taking time to check us out.  Whether you have ten books, ten thousand or more, we are interested in buying them.  We worked hard to develop the ability to make sure that every book and other media item we come in contact with gets a home, and none end up in a landfill.  We take that very seriously, and in the worst case scenario, when an item is too damaged or obsolete to find a home, we send it to one of our partners to recycle into other paper products.


We have a variety of options for individuals and groups.  Please contact us for more information at